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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Conversions

For the practical but refined traveler

Luxury Package

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Because you choose your package and options, the custom van essentially "becomes you."

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  • Road commander digital touch screen console with IOS or Android app
  • 2 TV’s with Radio, DVD and HDMI inputs
  • 6 HDMI, USB, AC/DC connections
  • Alpine 4-speaker sound system with amplifier and subwoofer
Included extras and improvements
Additional amenities
  • 4 swiveling, reclining captains chairs with heat, massage and leg rests
  • 1 40″ sofa seat (becomes a fold-down twin bed)
  • Rear composting toilet
  • Full bar and sink area

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Included extras and improvements


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Variety of styles for your ideal luxury transport.


No finer original burled wood and craftsmanship can be found in any automobile or Van. The Boss package speaks to the elegance, comfort and luxury one expects. It is simply fine!


Luxury is basic to all that we do. Combining hand-crafted wood with subtle lighting techniques and practical seating arrangements provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

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